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We create chatbots for a range of use cases, including:

Brand Engagement

AI powered Chatbots to engage your customers conversationally on Facebook Messenger.

Customer Services

Intelligent chatbots to enhance your customer's experience and improve your efficiency.

Team Productivity

Clever chat based tools that fit into your team's workflow and turbocharge their productivity.

Brand Engagement Facebook Messenger Promotion

Project Description

This is a great example of how a brand can engage with prospective clients by running a promotion over Facebook Messenger.
In this example a restaurant uses a highly targeted Facebook ad to target morning commuters into London. The ad directs readers to Messenger where a chatbot interacts with them, helping them to explore the menu and offering a discount voucher for the food the reader intends to buy. Even if this doesn't convert into a sale, it provides the restaurant with useful data about menu preferences.

Project Details

  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot running on Google Dialogflow
  • Launched from a targeted Facebook ad
  • Helps prospective customers to engage with the brand's menu
  • Promotes in-store conversion using a bespoke discount voucher
  • Captures useful data about food preferences

Customer Service University of Kent

Project Description

In this example we worked with the Technical Team from the School of Psychology at the University of Kent. They are a very busy team, and one of their most frequent requests is by students who need access to their labs. Card access is granted using their ID card. We designed a chatbot, running on Facebook Messenger, that allowed students to submit an access request without having to visit the office. This meant a better user experience for the students, and allowed the Technical Team to batch process their card requests.

Project Details

  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot running on Google Dialogflow
  • Creates an access request ticket in the team's ticket management system
  • Uses image uploads of the student's ID card to verify identity
  • Zero-queue time improves the student experience
  • Reduces in-person visits to the helpdesk.

Team Productivity The Kent IT Consultancy

Project Description

We worked with the Kent IT Consultancy, a student staffed IT consultancy to create a Slack based chatbot. The chatbot leads the student consultant through a reflective exercise, helping them to think more deeply about the work experiences that they have had working in the consultancy. This is an essential part in the students' professional development as IT consultants, but without the chatbot was something that happened rarely, only during 1:1's with the KITC's management team. The chatbot allows students to reflect more regularly, and helps them to demonstrate the experience they have gained as a consultant.

Project Details

  • A chatbot using the Slack API
  • Guides consultants through a reflective exercise that helps them learn from their experiences
  • Allows consultants to stay in Slack which is their primary communication channel, so it doesn't disrupt their workflow.
  • Improves individual development
  • Does not rely on management time to perform the reflections, and can be used to support 1:1 development discussions

Our Packages

Starter Package

  • Facebook Messenger or Slack chatbot
  • Basic conversational AI with up to 3 user intents
  • Integration to 3rd party systems
  • Bespoke trained AI
  • Complex workflows
  • Ongoing support
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Bespoke package
£ Varies

  • Facebook Messenger or Slack chatbot
  • Bespoke trained AI
  • Integration to 3rd party systems
  • Community Access
  • Complex workflows with multiple, branching intents
  • Ongoing support
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